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How To:
Get Bankruptcy Papers

  Online systems desribed below are Government resources and are changed from time to time without notice. Do your best if the instructions do not match exactly.

Step 1 - Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is a web-based system that allows users to view or print case documents online. A fee is charged for each page. To create a PACER account, register at PACER.Gov
  • Choose to access the information as an INDIVIDUAL
  • Input your credit card information for immediate access. Nothing is charged at this time.
  • You may be charged $0.10 per page. The $3.00 (30 page) cap does NOT apply to this query but if the total is less than $15.00 (150 pages) this quarter, you will NOT be charged because they do not bill for under $15.00.
Step 2 - Obtain your case information if needed.
  • Determine which Federal District you filed in using your zip code here: Court Locater
  • Case information is available toll free through the court's automated Voice Case Information System (VCIS) at (866) 222-8029. This system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A case number, complete name, or a social security number/ITIN is required to obtain case information. The information available from the automated system is:
    • Case number;
    • Name(s) of debtor(s), or principal party(ies);
    • Date the case was filed, whether a voluntary or involuntary petition was filed, and the chapter under which the petition was filed;
    • Name and phone number of the debtor’s attorney;
    • Trustee's name;
    • Name of the assigned Judge;
    • Discharge and closing dates;
    • Whether there are assets in the case;
    • Case status;
    • Case disposition.
Step 3 - Log into your PACER account online. Individual users will leave the client code blank.
  • Choose the appropriate State District.
  • Click the Document Filing System
  • Click "Query" at the top left.
  • Input your case information from Step 2 above into the form and click to "Run Query"
Step 4 - Save and eMail the documents to [email protected]

If your records are not available online, you may have to retrieve them from the Archive. Cases closed for one year or more may be archived at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Perris, California. To determine if a case has been archived, contact the Clerk's Office in your division. For information, visit the NARA website.

To retrieve case information or copies of documents from NARA, the Transfer Number, Location Number, and Box Number must first be obtained from the Clerk's Office where the bankruptcy case was filed.

Once the archive information has been obtained, place records requests directly with NARA. For more information, download this form.